Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Artist Of The Month..Serena Reeder...

Serena Reeder is a name you may not know. But you will.
"One of the most dynamic actresses I've seen. Ever. At fourteen!" says Restoration Stage Artistic Director, Courtney Baker-Oliver.
The two meet in 1998 when Serena was a first year at the Duke Ellington School, the legendary arts high school in Washington, D.C. "Serena was in my very first class; third period Harlem Renaissance. And she challenged me as a first year teacher-in a good way. She was so bright and so ready and so interested in human beings. It's no suprise to me that she's developed into a great actress."
Since lighting up the screen as rapper, 50 Cent's drug dealing mother in 'Get Rich or Die Trying,' the Julliard grad has been on a roll. A native Washingtonian, Serena was raised by her mother, a visual artist. She graduated from the Juilliard School in May 2005 with a BFA in dramatic arts.
Serena scored the role in 'Get Rich,' directed by Jim Sheridan, (her first as a professional) two months PRIOR to graduation! The biopic placed her alongside Academy Award nominee Terrance Howard. She played Katrina, the fast talking, but loving mother of 50 Cent whose early death pivotally shaped the man that he is today.
After winning rave reviews for her work in the film, she appeared in The Architect, co-starring Anthony Lapalgia and Isabella Rossellini and directed by Matt Tauber. Serena's effortless, but structured portrayal of Cammie became the focal point in the film's dramatic climax. It premiered at Tribeca Film Festival.
A pioneer in the making, Serena Reeder is compelling audiences by choosing roles that are character driven profiles of young women. An actress, dancer, and singer, Miss Reeder has a fabulous energy that exudes grace, confidence and a zest for living. Her dream role is to channel Eartha Kitt, the pioneer entertainer who broke race and sex barriers while shocking and seducing audiences around the world.
So stay tuned. "Serena has been a star, " says Baker-Oliver, "she's just born that way. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, 'her future is so bright it burns my eyes!"


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